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About us

Princes Máxima Center for pediatric oncology

The Princes Máxima Center (PMC) opened its doors in June 2018 and is the largest paediatric cancer center in Europe which includes an integrated research institute and academy. It consists of approximate 1400 employees total.

“Largest pediatric cancer center in Europe”

The PMC has grown to 34 research groups – each led by a Principal Investigator- and over 300 researchers. The academy has over 20 employees that organize research and training for all employees.


ITCC is a non-profit association (1901 French Law) gathering 55 paediatric oncology centers and 25 research labs in 14 countries. ITCC is developing and introducing effective and safe, novel and innovative therapies for the treatment of paediatric and adolescent cancers in cooperation with regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical companies, parents and patients.

The ITCC has an experienced Education Committee (chaired by Prof. Dr. Bruce Morland) and very broad network. Therefore, ITCC will facilitate the dissemination and communication of VAGABONDs results, provide training during Summerschool 4 and facilitate the translation of research into clinical trials.

Prof. Dr. Gilles Vassal (male) is a paediatric oncologist specialising in clinical and translational research. He is leading the clinical research at Gustave Roussy and is the president of ITCC a non-profit organisation under the French Law. Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister (male) was appointed acting head of the Division Paediatric Neurooncology at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in 2012. Since 2014 he is professor for paediatric neurooncology at the DKFZ and heading the department permanently. He is chair of the ITCC biology committee. Prof. Dr. Bruce Morland (male) is the Director of Research & Development and Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the NHS Birmingham Women’s and Children’s hospital. He is Vice President and Chair of the ITCC training and education committee. The ITCC will be co- lead in WP2 and WP3.