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Summerschool Vagabond Paris 2023

28 May 2024


The 3rd Vagabond summerschool took place in September 2023 in Paris, France. It focused on the in vivo validation stage of pre-clinical drug development. It kicked off with a warm welcome dinner on Sunday for all Vagabond PhDs, followed by a unique exploration of Emotional Intelligence on Monday. Led by Ingrid Valks and Daniella Konopasek, the day involved digital detox, yoga, and a refreshing forest-bathing session at Le Jardin du Luxembourg to help the students find inner peace, cultivate self-compassion, and foster connections.


The scientific agenda started on Tuesday at Institute Curie, where PhDs had the chance to present their work in brief pitches. Expert talks by  leading figures in pediatric oncology, such as Dr. Olivier Delattre and Dr. Franck Bourdeaut, shed light on innovative in vivo models and the latest insights into specific tumors like Ewing sarcoma and rhabdoid tumors. The day wrapped up with a delightful social dinner cruise along  the Seine.









Wednesday featured Dr. Marcel Kool unveiling the ITCC-P4 platform, followed by an engaging ‘meet the speakers’ session. Keynote addresses by esteemed speakers like Dr. Emmy Dolman and Dr. Aurélién Boré delved deeper into precision medicine in cancer, emphasizing the significance of patient-derived models and biomarker-driven therapies.

On Thursday, participants delved into the intricacies of grant writing. Later in the afternoon, Dr. Francis Mussai from Roche hosted a Q&A session, shedding light on the different career paths in academia versus the pharmaceutical industry.

The summerschool officially wrapped up with the awarding of certificates, and to celebrate, the PhDs enjoyed a fun-filled day at Disneyland, immersing themselves in a day full of magic!