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PhD positions

Babette Hoen – Synergy between precision medicines/repurposed drugs and conventional chemotherapy to outsmart precursor B-cell leukaemia and lymphoma

Institute:Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Monique den Boer
Co-Supervisors:Dr. Olivier Ayrault and Dr. David Shields
Secondments:Institute Curie (France) and Pfizer (USA)
Enrolment in Doctoral Program:Cancer Stem Cells & Developmental Biology
PhD awarded by:University Utrecht


Find genetic lesions and other molecular profiles (e.g. CD marker expression levels) with predictive sensitivity to precision medicines and/or repurposed drugs (PM/RD); Study how PM/RD may synergize with routinely used chemotherapeutic drugs; Determine the magnitude of the drug-resistance modifying effect of the tumour microenvironment (TME) and ways to escape from this resistance.

Expected Results

1) Knowledge about which drug combinations (i.e. precision medicines together with conventional chemotherapeutic agents) may more effectively kill leukaemia and lymphoma cells than each of the components by itself, and 2) which lesions may have the best predictive value for response monitoring in practice and 3) the difference and similarities between precursor B-ALL and precursor B-lymphoma with respect to occurrence of genetic lesions and drug sensitivity.