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PhD positions

Jiayou He – Epigenetic processes underlying paediatric renal and rhabdoid tumourigenesis

Institute:Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology
Supervisor:Dr. Jarno Drost
Co-Supervisors:Prof. Dr. Roland Kappler and Dr. Silvia Boj
Secondments:LMU (Germany) and Roche (Switzerland)
Enrolment in Doctoral Program:Cancer Stem Cells & Developmental Biology
PhD awarded by:University Utrecht


To identify how epigenetic gene regulation and/or changes in chromatin dynamics contribute to tumour initiation, progression and therapy resistance. Preliminary to this proposal, we have established patient-derived organoid cultures from paediatric renal and rhabdoid tumours. Here, we will exploit these models to study dynamics of chromatin modifications (ChIP-seq), DNA methylation profiles (bisulfite seq) as well as chromatin architecture (4C, HiC) during tumour progression and upon treatment.

Expected Results

Comprehensive insight into the epigenetic changes occurring during tumour progression and therapy resistance. Insight into the mechanisms underlying these processes, which could be potentially exploited as therapeutic target.