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15 research projects

Hosted by 11 academic and non-academic institutes located in 8 European Countries

Project overview

VAGABOND ITN will focus on 15 cutting-edge research projects studying molecular, epigenetic and immunological targets. All projects will (partly) include target identification, in vitro and in vivo validation, compound testing and preparation for clinical implementation.



Each PhD student will perform 2 intersectoral (academic and non-academic) secondments of +/- 3 months each. The secondment based scientific training will provide each PhD student with complementary scientific skills and knowledge necessary for the development of their research project that is not available at the host institute and stimulate development of joint research efforts. Besides the intersectoral nature, secondments will ensure that PhD students are exposed to different disciplines (bioinformatics, molecular genetics, epigenetics, immunology, pharmacology) and broaden their career view.