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Ronja Pscheid - In-depth anti-tumour reactivity against haematological and solid tumour cells of αβ-Tcells engineered to express a defined γδTCR (TEGs)

PhD project 15: haematological and solid tumours

Institute:Gadeta B.V.
Supervisor:Dr. Esther Drent
Co-Supervisors:Prof. Dr. Katia Scotlandi and Dr. Annette Künkele
Doctoral Program:Cancer Stem Cells and Developmental Biology
Secondments:IOR (Italy) and Charité (Germany)

Gadeta specializes in the development of innovative cancer immunotherapies, based on ground breaking discoveries of Prof.Dr. Küball regarding the role of γδ T cell receptors (γδ TCRs) in the recognition of haematological and solid tumour cells. The project will focus on in-depth anti- tumour reactivity of different αβ T cells engineered to express a defined γδ TCR (TEGs) targeting multiple tumour entities.

Expected Results
Proof of principle for TEG-therapy in primary and relapse NB and possibly other tumours; identification of targetable mechanisms preventing TEG-mediated killing of NB.