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Valentina Lo Re - Targeting the surface-ome landscape of paediatric brain tumours

PhD project 5: brain tumours

Institute:Institute Curie
Supervisor:Dr. Olivier Ayrault
Co-supervisors:Prof. Dr. Louis Chesler and Dr. Julia Schueler
Doctoral Program:Cancerology
Secondments:ICR (United Kingdom) and Charles River (Germany)

Cell-surface proteins are one of the most appealing targets for targeted therapy, as they are present at the surface and often responsible for the activation of major signalling pathways in cancer. Based on our expertise in medulloblastoma (MB) and proteomics (Forget et al, Cancer Cell, 2018), we would like to (i) develop a workflow aiming at characterizing the proteome at the surface of MB cells, (ii) translate this workflow to any type of paediatric tumours, and (iii) develop further strategies targeting the surface-ome of paediatric tumours.

Expected Results
Data generated should allow to (i) specifically target tumour cells (ie. antibody-based approaches, CAR-T cells, etc.), (ii) decipher accessible targetable molecules at the cell surface (receptors, etc.), and also (iii) identify specific biomarkers.